Our apologies for the silence around these parts. Here’s an update on everything new that’s been keeping us away from posting regularly.



My husband purchased our first house! Because our closing date was moved a bajillion times we ended up moving right before we were due to go on vacation. Following that we were house/pet sitting for some friends so we are just now getting a chance to settle in to our home! All of that being said- the blog has been on my mind but I’ve had no spare time. Rest assured there will be a slew of new blog posts coming up next week.


I’m a literal Lady of the Library now! I’ve recently started a new job in my local library’s children’s department! I’ve been loving it so much, but it’s exhausting. I come home every day, say hi to my guy and pass out. Now that I’m finally getting used to the ins and outs of the library, we should be back posting with a vengeance. Look out for new content and an inside scoop on your local library.

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