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book lover gift guide

When one reach their mid-to-late twenties one finds oneself going through a lot of scary new adult experiences: attending loved one’s graduation ceremonies, watching friends get married, buying a house, knocked up friends everywhere, attending swanky parties, etc. All of these things have one common factor: they require the perfect gift to show appreciation/love/gratitude/excitement.

Finding gifts for the reading-inclined can be difficult, but never fear! We’ve done the hard work already. Check out our first installment of the Ladies of the Library Gift Guide for Book Lovers. We aim to provide many choices for all the different readers in one’s life. Enjoy!

gifts for book lovers

the boozy bookish friend
tequila mockingbird | gone with the gin
There’s nothing like a good literary themed cocktail to show off at a house-warming party.

the anxious bookish friend
harry potter adult coloring book | game of thrones adult coloring book
These books are a godsend! When I find myself riddled with anxious thoughts I spare a few moments to crack open one of my (large selection of) adult coloring books and shade away my stress.

the culinary bookish friend
a confederacy of dunces cookbook | outlander kitchen
Maybe I’m a special kind of nerd, but I’ve always been interested in recipes mentioned in books. When reading the Little House series as a child, I always wanted to make rock candy and try salted pork. Foodie friends will love these!

the house proud bookish friend
print | the great gatsby pillow
Who doesn’t want to show off their literary obsession all over their home? I’m dying for these Kate Spade pillows and Etsy is THE place to find fun bookish art.

So tell me: what other kinds of gifts do you like to give? Do you need gift ideas? Leave a comment below and let our love of shopping help you out!
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