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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
Release Date: September 10, 2013
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Rating: 5 Page Turns



I am 100% obsessed with Rainbow Rowell. Fangirl was a book club pick and I fell in love with it immediately. Soon after finishing this I read Eleanor & Park so it’s safe to say I can’t get enough of Rainbow’s writing.

Fangirl introduces us to Cath and her twin sister Wren as they are about to start college. As an incoming freshman, Cath struggles to adjust to dorm life and school all while trying to keep up with her main passion, writing fan fiction.

If you’ve ever been nervous about college, worried about making friends, or struggled with trying to find what you’re meant to do/be then this book is definitely for you. Cath is a girl who would prefer to live inside a fictional world, a world that she has a part in creating. Boys are a complete mystery to her, while Wren seems to have it all figured out. Reality forces her to deal with her family and having a roommate, two things she’d rather avoid at all costs.

Rainbow Rowell excels at writing in the same way that girls think, not in a cliched, ridiculous manner but realistically. This is part of what makes her books so good and definitely one of the reasons that I plan to read everything else she’s ever written!

Recommended for those who…
Enjoy YA books
Want to relive the awkwardness of college
Still struggle with the challenges of being quirky/nerdy

Favorite quote:
“Underneath this veneer of slightly crazy and mildly socially retarded, I’m a complete disaster.”

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