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help a reader out

So last Friday I shared a bit about my love for costume/fashion history. I’d like to expand upon that knowledge further by asking for book recs concerning this subject. Below are the books I already own (and love, check them out!) and would love to find even more.




Historic Costumes for the Stage by Lucy Barton
Selections from the book were used as the textbook for our college Costume Design and History course, a classic!






Fashion: The Mirror of History by Michael & Ariane Batterberry
I picked this one up at a library book sale. Lots of in-depth info.







Fashion: The Definitive History of Costume and Style by Susan Brown
Wonderful images!






What People Wore When:Β A Complete Illustrated History of Costume from Ancient Times to the Nineteenth Century for Every Level of SocietyΒ by Melissa Leventon
This is probably my favorite of my collection. It’s a little confusing at first, to figure out how they sorted things chronologically, but I love the timeline features!


Also: check out The Pragmatic Costumer, which is helmed by a college classmate of ours. Wonderful info, fabulous creations, and a sense of humor to boot!

So please help a reader out and give me your fashion/costume history book recs. I need an excuse to buy more books!

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