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I took my first Pysanky class last year and fell in love. Classes began again last week so I’ve been thinking about egg designs non-stop. If you don’t know anything about this amazing folk art, give it a Google. There’s incredible history behind it!


The design is made using a cake of beeswax & a calligraphy pen. A more traditional approach is to use a tool called aΒ kistka.


This was my completed egg from last year!

Check out other designs on Pinterest and/or Instagram. I’ll post pictures after next week when I’ve finished my next egg.



Ever since I took a costume history course in college (with Sally, fun times!) I’ve been obsessed with fashion history. One of the best places to find great info is Pinterest. Check out the following images I love from my fashion history pin board. (The 19th century was my favorite, fashion-wise, with the Romantic period (1825-1835) being my absolute era.)
Images are not in chronological order. Click the picture for source link.

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What are you loving this week?