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The Aviator has always interested me, mostly because I love biopics. Howard Hughes has been wrongfully depicted throughout history as crazy and reclusive.  He suffered from OCD in a time when most mental health disorders weren’t understood and still managed to live a productive life, making changes in the world of aviation and film. I’ve almost finished reading Howard Hughes: The Untold Story and it’s incredibly interesting! Look for a review soon!







My IRL friends know that I have crazy love for Tom Hiddleston, so color me excited that his new movie I Saw the Light, where he stars as Hank Williams alongside Elizabeth Olsen) comes out today. Tom is such a gem (even as a weather man!), handsome, intelligent, courteous, and a feminist to boot! Let’s all take a moment to sigh over the ever lovely Mr. Hiddleston, and go check out his new film this weekend!

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