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Today we’re starting a new series called Fangirl Friday. These posts will include anything we are currently fan girling over such as recipes, a certain store, an actor/actress, etc. Enjoy the first post & be sure to check back next Friday for week 2!


I’ve been obsessed with vintage jewelry lately! There are periods where I don’t wear much of it but I’ve always been a sucker for sterling silver. Try window shoppingย here,ย here,ย or here.


Left- found in an antique shop.
Right- my mom’s ring that she has graciously passed on to me.


A ring & bracelet set that was a gift from my parents.
It’s even more impressive in person!


I scored this necklace at an estate recently and think it’s the best thing ever.


Since I recently moved, I’ve been on the hunt for new decor and thus I’ve been obsessed with thrifting. I have found some seriously awesome pieces (in addition to amazing decor for my wedding — that’s a post for another day).


You’ll have to forgive the shoddy iPhone pics. I’ve always been obsessed with history and Martha & George Washington hold a special place in my heart. I had to snatch these plates up when I found them!

Finding a great globe at a low price is hella difficult. When I saw this beauty I had to make it mine, despite the wear and tear.

UntitledThis guy was originally purchased as part of the decor for a wedding shower, but I decided to make him part of a collection. I’m still rooting around for similar (and affordable) pieces that match, but I’m sure I won’t have any trouble adding to my collection.

What are YOU fangirling over this week?