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I like to consider myself a crafty person, and over the past year I’ve taken up a number of crafty hobbies that eat up a lot of my spare time. Most recently I’ve fallen in love with cross stitching. Now the kind of cross stitching I prefer is not your grandmother’s variety. You won’t find any Bible verses or country scenes in my hoops, just modern, sassy, foul-mouthed goodness. I’ve gathered up a collection of bookish cross stitch patterns (mostly from Etsy, as I’ve found that’s the best source for my kind of patterns) that I can’t wait to do. (Warning: mature language ahead)

il_570xN.727499018_cz9tredbeardesign | etsy
one With the Wind is one of my favorite books and this modern design is stunning!

il_570xN.841775041_3oionatalineedlework | etsy

il_570xN.399444259_mattweelittlestitches | etsy
I’m currently working on another one of weelittlestitches’ Pixel People patterns for Sally (shh! don’t tell her!) and I think this Harry Potter’s friends pattern might be the next one I get!

il_570xN.793427650_7x4dnatalineedlework | etsy
There’s nothing like the classics.

il_570xN.499349280_2e3tplasticlittlecovers | etsy

il_570xN.567676145_ewdfrichearts | etsy

bookmark_large_largesubversive cross stitch
I’m actually working on this one right now, also, and can’t wait to put it to good use.

We want to hear from you! Any other cross stitchers or DIYers out there? If you have any good bookish patterns please share! I also like to knit and I am currently working on a Slytherin scarf (because Slytherin is the best house, obv). What kind of hobbies do you have?

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