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what we are watching this week

In honor of Halloween (because obviously we are obsessed, if you haven’t noticed) we decided to feature Halloween episodes of our favorite shows. Check out these episodes this week for a great laugh! (Spoilers below for these episodes!)



Bob’s Burgers: Full Bars (Season 3)
The kids convince Bob to let them go trick or treating alone for the first time. Linda and Bob go to Teddy’s Halloween party. Louise, Tina, and Gene discover that nice neighborhoods give out the best candy! The kids also face the dangers of Hell Hunt (where teenagers attack trick or treaters.) Meanwhile, at the party, Teddy’s guinea pig mysteriously dies and he holds everyone hostage until the killer confesses.


The Mindy Project: Halloween (Season 1)
Mindy is searching for the perfect costume to wear to a party with her new boyfriend Josh. She comes up with some hilarious options such as Little Wayne on the Prairie (above) and Tinkerbell Tailor Soldier Spy, before landing on a true-to-Mindy costume.

imgres-2Parks and Recreation: Halloween Surprise (Season 5)
This episode of Parks and Rec is an eventful one and includes: Jerry(Garry, Larry, Terry) has a heart attack, Ron goes trick-or-treating, the Parks Department has a garage sale, Tom gets a business idea, and something very special happens between Leslie and Ben.


The Office (US): Costume Contest (Season 7)
There were many amazing Halloween episodes during the long run of The Office (US) but seeing Gabe dressed as Lady Gaga made this season 7 one the best in my opinion. The cold open in which the entire office attempts to gain Stanley’s notice by saying and doing strange things (he doesn’t notice any of it) made me cry laugh, and the rest of the episode follows suit.

What are your favorite Halloween TV episodes?