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Similar to What We’re Listening to Wednesday, we’d like to present What We’re Watching Wednesday. As the title suggests this is a peek into what movies and/or tv shows we’re watching lately.


wwwwed1My husband & I recently joined the modern world (aka, got Netflix) so there has been some serious binge sessions at our house. I love Bob’s Burgers because it so awkward and funny! Long live Tina!

wwwwed2Goosebumps is my current guilty pleasure. I was obsessed with the books and show as a 90’s kid. I also have a load of fond memories concerning my childhood and this TV series. Judge away!

wwwwed3Last but not least, The Munsters. This show also holds great memories for me as my brother and I used to watch this show constantly as kids. It’s perfect for getting me in the Halloween mood and Herman always makes me laugh.



the mindy project

Of course I am watching The Mindy Project, especially since it moved to Hulu and I don’t have to wait all Tuesday to view the new episodes. I still miss Peter (my favorite character!) but I’m loving the baby drama and think Leo Castellano is the cutest!

house of cards

I am so SO addicted to House of Cards! I started watching a few weeks ago and now I’m obsessed! Now that’s I’m about half way through the third season I am slowing down because I am just not ready for the season to be over and February is too far away!


I can’t make it through the month of October without viewing one of the Halloweentown movies. They are some of my quintessential childhood Halloween movies and watching them (especially Halloweentown 2: Kalabar’s Revenge, my favorite!) signals that autumn is truly here.

What shows and/or movies have you been watching lately? Have any recommendations? Let us know in the comments below.

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