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Rhett Butler (Gone With the Wind) – Rhett always has been and always will be my number one fictional man. I fell in very real love with the very fictional Rhett when I was 10 and watched GWTW for the first time. As soon as I was able I read GWTW, then Scarlett, because I couldn’t get enough of this Southern rogue. Rhett is basically the reason why my “type” is asshole (present boyfriend excluded).

James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser (Outlander) – What is a book boyfriend list without the magnificent JAAMF? Jamie is one of the most well-rounded male characters I have ever read. He is funny, honorable, jealous, loyal, stubborn, caring, family-oriented, and opinionated – honestly I could go on for days. Jamie cares for Claire so deeply that he would lay his life down for her, and has on multiple occasions. Who wouldn’t want that?

Sebastian St. Vincent (Devil in Winter/Wallflower series) – Lord St. Vincent, again satisfies my love of bad boys. In fact, Sebastian is the premier Regency bad boy, and I have yet to find a character that I love to hate and hate to love as much. Sebastian may have been cured of his rougish ways by the end of Devil in Winter, but his personality remains almost wholly unchanged. A scoundrel who deeply loves his wife? Be still my heart


Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby– Call me old fashioned, vain, and shallow but knowing that Jay changed everything about his world just so he could reconnect with Daisy is incredibly romantic. Not to mention all those cool, beautiful shirts!

Holden Caulfield (The Catcher in the Rye)– he’s a bit manic but there’s something about Holden. Maybe he appeals to my inner teenager that’s filled with angst and fear?


Vlad Tepesh (Night Huntress and Night Prince series) – “I burn for Vlad.” Jeaniene Frost does a fantastic job of keeping true to the historical Vlad Tepesh as well as making him funny, sexy, and dangerous.  I feel like if the real Vlad had been turned into an immortal vampire, he would be exactly as Frost portrays him.  (I got a chance to tell her just that about a year ago!  Sorry, please excuse my momentary fangirling!  SQUEEE!)  Vlad is loyal and always keeps his word.  He protects those he loves with a passion and dedication rarely seen.  He’s also quick witted and funny but make no mistake, Vlad is not one to be trifled with.

Pix (Stoker and Holmes series) – A fun series I just started (and it’s pretty new) is the Stoker and Holmes series by Colleen Gleason.  I love Pix.  He’s…well, we aren’t quite sure what his story is just yet, as he is always surrounded by mystery (just the way he wants it).  He’s cleaver and helpful, whether Evaline wants to admit it or not!  I find myself drawn to him, just as much as Evaline (again whether she wants to admit it or not!), and I’m always hoping to see his name on the page.  I would like to find someone as witty and savvy as Pix.  One can dream…   

Okay ladies (and gents!) we need to know… who are your favorite fictional men? We want to hear all about them!