weekly music recommendations

Today is the start of a new series called What We’re Listening To Wednesdays. We are both big music fans and have bonded over songs, bands, and musicals since meeting in college. Here’s a little peek into what’s playing around us these days.


listeningThe Dear Hunter
Act IV Rebirth & Reprise


Murder By Death
Big Dark Love

I’ve also been listening to a Halloween playlist on Pandora because you know it’s October!


My picks are slightly more specific. I’m terrible at learning about music when it actually comes out, as I never listen to the radio. So it’s pretty much guaranteed that I will fall in love with songs a year or two (or more) after they are popular. See below what’s on my current autumn playlist:

imgresAdam Levine
Lost Stars


John Legend
Ordinary People

Enjoy our picks! What are you currently listening to?