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Literary Dress Up

(Spoilers ahead!)

Lisa Kleypas’ Hathaways series definitely ranks in my top five favorite series, spanning any genre. The series features five book filled with a dozen individual, memorable, and complex characters, which means someone for everyone to fall in love with. The youngest Hathaway sibling, Beatrix, might possibly my favorite character of them all, and she is definitely the quirkiest. Beatrix, beyond anything, adores animals. By the time her book, Love in the Afternoon rolls around, she has collected quite the menagerie: Dodger, a ferret; Pandora, a one eyed cat; Medusa, a hedgehog; a mama and baby goat, and eventually Albert, a dog afflicted with PTSD. Beatrix loves to take long walks through the woods and needs an outfit that is easy to move in and that fits her quirky nature.

literary dress up beatrix hathaway 1dress | tights | boots | purse

How adorable is that purse?! I wanted to feature outfits that were more inspired by Beatrix’s personality, rather than something I think she would actually wear if she was in a contemporary book. The Scotties on the dress were such an fun touch, and those cat tights peaking over boots with fit just right!

Beatrix, unlike her sisters, is known to trounce about in breeches, something that strikes the fancy of Captain Michael Phelan, and future member of the Hathaway clan. I think the outfit below would be quite comfortable for leisurely strolls, reading veterinary handbooks, and caring for all creatures big and small.

literary dress up beatrix hathaway 2 sweater | jeans | coin purse | oxfords

I was so surprised by all of the hedgehog items currently available! Modcloth and Kate Spade are rocking the adorable animal style. I need that coin purse in my life!

So there we go, simple, fun and definitely Beatrix. What do you think? Seen any animal inspired pieces you’re dying to have? Have a different opinion on Beatrix-style clothing? Let us know!

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