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Alice I Have Been by Melanie Benjamin
Release Date: January 12, 2010
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Rating: Four Page Turns

Alice I Have Been caught my eye in the clearance section at Half Price Books because, lets be honest, I’m a sucker for bargains and HPB is awesome. I’ve been a fan of anything Alice in Wonderland related for many, many years and after reading the description on the back, I knew this book needed to come home with me.

Alice Liddell is a child of 7 when the book begins and is being raised in privilege as the daughter of the Dean of Christ Church at Oxford. Due to her family’s social position as well as the time period, Alice and her sisters are only allowed on outings with a chaperon, primarily their nanny. An Oxford mathematics professor by the name of Mr. Dodgson is a friend of the Liddell family and has a special connection with children, especially Alice. Mr. Dodgson tells the Liddell girls a story one afternoon (for he is constantly telling them stories,) and upon completion Alice begs him to write it down for her, that is to make it a real story. The story is indeed written down, time passes, both Alice and Mr. Dodgson grow older. We see them move throughout the rest of their lives, watching them interact and change.

I connected with the character of Alice because much like her I have wanted to go against the norm for the majority of my life. She is very much a rebel in that sense. Alice grows as a character because we see her age but she also develops a deeper understanding of the world around her. There are several romances throughout the book and the historical setting was one that greatly appealed to me. Although there are many different versions of the “real” Alice in Wonderland, Melanie Benjamin’s take on it was refreshing.

Recommended for those who…
Have an interest in Alice in Wonderland
Have an interest in Historical Fiction

Favorite quote:
“…all his smiles were just a little sad around the edges, as if he knew happiness never could last very long”

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