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Some of my favorite posts to come across on Pinterest are the ones with collages of character-inspired outfits and home decor. I never knew I wanted to dress like Nancy Drew or live in a home inspired by Out of Africa until I came across posts gathering outfit and home inspiration from books and movies.

So I decided to start this new series where I can share fashion inspo from my favorite characters. I got accidentally sucked into a re-read of Rainbow Rowell’s FangirlΒ a few days ago and was struck by how easy Cath’s style is.

Literary Dress Up- Cath from Fangirl

(shirt, pants, cardigan, snowboots)

She feels (mostly) comfortable in clothes that say “up all night writing” or “it’s okay to spill tea on this”. She feels untruthful dressing up differently for a date, arguing with her roommate, Reagan:

“He already knows what I look like,” Cath said. “There’s no point in being tricky about it now.” “How is doing your hair-and maybe putting on some lip gloss-being tricky?” “It’s like I’m trying to distract him with something shiny.”

Cath is easy-going and simple, which I can relate to, and I see her as an inspiration to keep it simple.

What character serves as style inspiration for you? Who would you like to see covered next on Literary Dress Up? Let us know in the comments.

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